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Testimonial from Scarborough High School Athlete Nick Thompson

The Program

-Increase Athletic Performance

-Reduce the Chance of Injury

-Recover faster

-Improve self confidence and self-esteem

-Become a better Athlete!

Are you an athlete looking to enhance your performance on the field, court or ice? Do you want tried-and-true workouts to get you stronger, faster and explosive?

NXGen Strength and Conditioning is programmed to develop the superior athlete and increase sports performance.  The program targets the athlete’s foundation to success… Strength, Speed, Power, Conditioning and Agility. 

NXGen offers Group Training Sessions via Two Age Groups


Age (12-17) - NXGen offers programming based on the athlete’s specific needs and lifting experience. The strength program is designed to increase power, conditioning, and relative and absolute strength.  All core movements will be applied in a total body workout that will get the athlete ready for their season or stay ahead of their competitors in- season. 

Age (8-11) - Strength will be programmed to teach the young athlete how to utilize their body properly. The idea is to give the athlete a jump start, and educate them on the importance of lifting properly and safely to efficiently develop them in a faster rate. Weights will begin at a low load and will progressively increase based on athlete’s progress and coachability.    


Speed sessions for each age group will maximize an athlete’s acceleration with appropriate progression. Proper joint angles and ground force application is taught so that every athlete will understand how to continually develop and refine these newly learned skills throughout his or her career. Instruct the athlete on our deceleration method which will decrease the potential for injuries during the season.  The athlete will learn the importance of biomechanics to decrease the potential for Injury and enhance multi-directional speed and quickness. Sessions will end with a metabolic challenge to provide a conditioning base for the athlete’s season.

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First Week FREE of Program Enrollment, Unlimited Sessions

Discounted First Month of Program Enrollment, Unlimited Sessions - $50

Monthly EFT Program Enrollment, Unlimited Sessions - $100/mo*

Prepaid One Year of Program Enrollment, Unlimited Sessions - $999 (Reg $1,200)

*FALL SPECIAL* - 15 Sessions for $225 (That’s $15/session! Must be used between 9/1 - 11/30)

Discounted Private Sessions Available! Please Contact Us For More Information!

*EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer is automatically deducted from a debit/credit card or checking/savings account on the first day of every month until a 30-day notice is given to cancel.)

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